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Prof. Maj. Gen. (R) Sohail Aziz Khan

President Pakistan Cardiac Society

Professor of Cardiology 

AFIC / NIHD Rawalpindi

Email: so_aziz@hotmail.com


Pakistan Cardiac Society (PCS) is not only a community but is a family where one really feels that he or she is a part of growing cardiology network in Pakistan. The joy of the society is that you have this large group of the likeminded peoples with a passion for cardiovascular disease and its prevention and who are willing to walk the extra miles for patient’s care.

Mission of the PCS is to promote education and learning in the field of cardiovascular medicine and surgery due to the fact that academic pursuit is requirement of the day as it not only standardize the evidence based approach, does and don’ts of the day to day management of cardiovascular problems, but allows us to keep abreast of the new techniques, advances and happenings across the globe so that we can practice them appropriately in our country. Pakistan Cardiac Society is focused to propagate the latest advancement in different fields of cardiology through dedicated mega events of annual conference and with its collaboration other organizations with in Pakistan and abroad like American College of Cardiology, European Society of Cardiology, Asia Pacific Society of Cardiology, Saudi Cardiology Society and Emirates Society of Cardiology.

My wish for the future of the Pakistan cardiac society is that community continues to bring together all specialist working in cardiology from different countries and from different sub specialties with in cardiology. The vision I have for the Pakistan cardiac society is to promote sound, unbiased research, to create solidary among Pakistani cardiologists and to achieve harmonization of cardiology training.


The purpose of life is “A life of purpose”, and as health care providers our purpose is to serve the ailing community with a firm commitment and devotion for the sake of ALLAH SUBHANA-HU-WATALLAH.