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Pakistan Cardiac Society was established in 1966 by Col. M. H. Shah and was registered with Joint Stock Companies Sindh under the societies act.  The founder members of the Society were


Col. M. H. Shah Karachi
Dr. A. Hafeeez Akhtar Islamabad
Dr. A. Ghaffar Billoo Karachi
Dr. Ali Muhammad Chodhry Hyderabad
Dr. A. Rauf Yusuf Lahore
Dr. Muhammad Arshad Mirza Rawalpindi
Prof. Mushtaq Hasan Karachi
Prof. Mohibur Rab Karachi
Prof. Nasiruddin Azam Khan Peshawar
Prof. Shouket Ali Syed Karachi
Prof. Syed Hamid Shafqat Karachi
Prof. A.J.M  Abbasi Dubai, U.A.E


Dr. Ali Muhammad Chaudhry started publishing Pakistan Heart Journal in 1968. The society was active till 1971 and the journal was regularly published, however with dismemberment of the country in 1971 it took some time to reorganize the society & the journal.


Dr. Hafeez Akhtar, Chairman Department of Internal Medicine, Rawalpindi General Hospital, took it upon himself to revive the activities of the cardiac society and personally went several times around the country to organize the 3rd All Pakistan Biennial Congress at Rawalpindi. This was the 1st Biennial Congress after the East Pakistan debacle. Pakistan Heart Journal was restarted in 1975 by Dr. Abdus Samad after he was elected as the Editor of Pakistan Heart Journal. These efforts brought the Society back to life and almost all physicians across the country devoted to cardiovascular field became active members of the society. Regular annual and bi-annual scientific meetings were organized in all major cities of Pakistan.


Cardiology Update

In 2014, constitution of the Society were amended by the general body through which both annual and biannual meeting were designated as annual meeting. With this the tenure of the President was also changed to one year.

“A Dream Come True.” Pakistan Cardiac Society’s long awaited dream coming true as “Heart House,” central office of the society is established in Karachi.

The office premises was acquired in 2016 through a generous contribution from Prof. Khalida Soomro, convener of 44th Cardiocon. The premises has been renovated with space for an office and a conference room with latest audio visual facilities.